Hors D'Oeuvres Selections

Cucumber Cups
filled with curried chicken salad
accented with minced red bell pepper

Endive Spears
tipped with a roquefort mousse
and chopped pistachios

Stuffed Mushrooms
filled with sun dried tomatoes,
fontina cheese
and fresh herbs

Wild Rice and Minced Vegetable Pancakes
topped with asian marinated smoke duck
garnished with chopped scallions

Celery Risotto Cakes
accented with garlic chips
with a dollop of ginger basil crème fraiche

Miniature Tartlet Shells
filled with gorgonzola
and sun dried tomatoes
garnished with a basil chiffon ad

Mexican Seared Ahi Tuna
seared with cumin, coriander, and cayenne,
presented on a yellow corn tortilla crisp
accented with an avocado salsa

Proscuitto Maki
presented as a sushi style roll
rolled with gourmet greens,
orange infused cranberries,
and brie cheese

Asian Seared Prawns
marinated in ginger, green onions,
soy sauce and oriental spices

Vegetarian Spring Rolls
presented on hot stones
with an asian dipping sauce

Crostini with Olive Tapenade
accented with an italian tomato salsa

Chicken Skewers
offered with mango and tabasco vinaigrette

Prawn Etoufee
presented in a miniature tartlet shell
garnished with a shrimp

Miniature Quiche
spinach quiche
accented with sour cream
and tri colored minced bell pepper

Filet Tip Skewers
offered with a warm bacon vinaigrette