Grilled Polenta Triangles
topped with a grilled vegetable mélange
decorated with a roasted tomato and eggplant ragout
dusted with a freshly grated asiago cheese

Jumbo Stuffed Mushrooms
filled with choice of:
- sun dried tomato risotto
- grilled vegetable mélange
- spinach and eggplant ratatouille
- other types of risotto are also available

Vegetarian Manicotti
filled with fresh pesto, ricotta cheese, spinach,
sun dried tomatoes, and pine nuts
drizzled with a light cream sauce
accented with fresh grated parmesan cheese

Marinated and Grilled Veggie Kabobs
please ask about
available sauce and marinade choices

Vegetarian Cabbage Wrap
a cabbage burrito filled with choice of:
- seasonal chopped salad (cold)
- seasonal vegetable mélange (warm)

Panko Crusted Eggplant Rounds
topped with a warm vegetable chow mien